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Mrs. Bailey Fink 

Mrs. Tiffany Montague



Mrs. Pearl Barron

Mrs. Kelly Estes

Mrs.  Kelsa Knick


First Grade

Mrs. Vernette Roger

Mrs. Sheri Burfield

Ms. Allison Cross

Mrs. Jennifer Deal


Second Grade

Mrs. Cecilia Lopiano

Mrs. Linda Way

Mrs. Karen Williams


Third Grade

Mrs. Christen Good

Ms. Joey McMath

Mrs. Shelley Shankle


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Natasha Bremmerman

Ms. Savannah Knave

Ms. Sheila Smith


Fifth Grade

Mrs. Molly Bailey

Mr. Chuck Way

Mrs. Layne Vickers


Sixth Grade

Mrs. Candace Jackson

Ms. Beth Seeley

Mr. Matt Hummill


Seventh Grade

Mr. Jeffrey Crozier

Mrs. Elaine McCabe

Mrs. Jule Ruth



Mrs. Jennifer Atkins - Action Based Learning Lab

Mr. Colton Ball - PE

Mrs. Rhonda Jenkins - PE

Mrs. Gail Deal - Computer (K-5)

Mrs .Traci Dippert - Music

Mrs. Amy Grady - Art

Ms. Breanna Leach -Band

Mrs. Amy Wayland - Library

Mrs. Bethany Bostic-STEAM Coordinator

Mrs. Sarah Moore-Farm to Table

Mrs. Michelle Fincham - Farm to Table


Specials and Support

Mrs. Lilo Wolfe - Gifted and Talented

Mrs. Candy Lamma - Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Katherine Todd - Reading Specialist

Ms. Carly Moore - Behavior Interventionist